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The following video series is to support those who have loved ones embracing or struggling with sexual identity issues, gender dysphoria, cross-dressing and the like. Please take a moment to meet Jason Thompson as he introduces the series and explains a few program details.


Mom, Dad, I'm Transgender

A loved one has shared with you that they are struggling with their gender or have fully embraced a new identity. How do you respond? In this video, you will hear from a mom and dad who learned of their son's desire to transition into a female.


Struggling with Grief

Learning about your loved one's struggle with gender confusion can be devastating. It is very common for someone to experience a measure of grief after the disclosure. The following video presented by a mother who has experienced this pain and sorrow.


Exposing Roots of Gender Brokeness

A loved one's disclosure can be followed by confusion, guilt and a desire to find answers. In this video, a teacher helps us expose the roots and begin to restore a wounded heart.


Your Family Dynamics

Family dynamics sometimes play a part in a loved one identifying as transgender. This is not to say that this person's self-identification is anyone's fault; yet looking at roles in families and how they relate to one another can provide insight and understanding.


Relinquishing Control

Perhaps it has never occurred that to you that God might use, for your growth, something as painful as having to face a loved one that identifies as transgender. But the truth is, God uses life's most painful experiences to bring us closer to Him in our Christian walk, to refine us. We have the opportunity to relinquish the pain to Him.


Relational Boundaries

Boundaries are not bad things, as they are meant to protect us and our loved ones. Each of us must choose whether or not we will create healthy boundaries. We each have to decide where our boundaries lie. Here, a pastoral counselor shares ways to help you think through your personal boundaries.


Biblical Gender

God has created us for a purpose. His creation is specific, purposeful and detailed. In this creation, He designed us male and female encompassing the masculine and feminine which express attributes of God. This video will examine God's design for gender and his intended purpose for our lives.


Our True Identity

Kathy Grace shares her own personal story of gender confusion and how the Lord transformed her into the woman He intended her to be. The Lord restored her true identity, one that is found in Christ.


Faith, Hope and Love

Faith is believing in something you can't see, but that you know in your heart is true. Trusting God provides hope even in our current circumstances. And it is through trusting in the love of the Father, that we will experience genuine and lasting hope.


Questions and Answers

In our final video, we offer several answers to common questions for those impacted by gender confusion. These answers are shared by real people who have experienced this issue first-hand in their own lives. This also concludes our video series. We encourage you to click the PDF below for further encouragement and resources.