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Program Instructions

We are glad you found this website and pray that is a source of encouragement and hope as you learn to love well, ground yourself in the truth of God and find hope through your difficulties and trials.

Here are the specific tools our program offers:

  • Each lesson starts with a video. To view all the videos, click on "Topics"
  • Each lesson allows for a place to take notes, write questions or share prayers. This notepad is seen only by you and can aid you in working through the handouts. It can also serve a journal for you to return to later. This saved notepad can also be shared with another person (perhaps your spouse, pastor or friend). This would make it easier to share with others as they watch and respond to the video material.
  • Each lesson includes a pdf teaching handout. This pdf can be used for personal reflection or (if you are leading a small group) can be copied and passed out to group members.
  • When you are finished with a lesson, click "Mark Lesson Complete". This is simply a way to remind you of where you are in the series. You cannot view a future lesson until you've completed the previous lesson. You can, however, watch previous lessons as many times as you like.

These programs require a contribution so that only those serious about the program are using the material. Your contribution also helps with the hosting and continued development of our resources. We choose to do a contribution rather than a fee so that if finances are tight you can contribute less than a typical fee. We welcome you to consider supporting the work of Portland Fellowship by visiting www.portlandfellowship.com

Please feel free to call or email for any additional information or questions you may have.


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Jason Thompson
Executive Director